Are You Navigating Your Spiritual Journey?  Nature's Sacred Wisdom Can Guide You!


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Are You Seeking A Deeper Sense Of Purpose, Yearning To Understand Your Place In The Universe?

Come explore the sacred, mysterious beauty of Mount Shasta, through guided tours & retreats, where you can awaken your soul's magical potential to co-create with the universe.


FREE Webinar Training 


Plus A BONUS: Word Craft Quick-Shift Cheatsheets


In this free webinar + cheatsheets, you'll discover how to unlock the power of language by learning ancient wisdom codes that can help you shape your reality.


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Welcome to Temple Loam™ - A spiritual playground for the curious soul!


Explore the magical beauty of Mount Shasta, through guided tours & retreats, where you'll uncover the secrets of the universe and awaken your soul's boundless potential.

 Is the "Great Awakening"  stirring your soul?   


The "Great Spiritual Awakening" is like our collective consciousness hitting the refresh button, inviting us to dig deeper.


Signs you're on your journey...

  • You're starting to tune into your inner wisdom, rekindling a connection to nature, and embracing a spiritual path.

  • You're ready to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace unity, love, and a more heart-centered, purposeful existence. 

  • The "us vs them" mentality doesn't feel good anymore and you're looking to find a conscious community.


Curated experiences are for individuals and groups seeking to deepen their spiritual path, connect with nature, and find their inner wisdom and a fresh perspective, during these chaotic times.


Get amped up and initiated by the power of Mount Shasta.


Mystical peaks, pristine lakes, legendary, sacred water, and stunning forests are why Mount Shasta is called "Where Heaven And Earth Meet".'s the Root Chakra of the planet!


The Temple Loam™ experience is right for you if...

  • You identify as an empath, soul-led sensitive, an awakening human, a healer, a conscious thought leader, or a neo-pagan to name a few.

  • You feel the challenges of living a busy, modern lifestyle that's been keeping you disconnected from who you truly are. 

  • You're ready to evolve from the consensus reality of obsessive material gain, the Us vs Them mentality, and soul-crushing stress & fear.

  • You're ready to explore, laugh, and play more in the divine energy of nature...because you know she holds the key to true liberation.

  • You love learning about earth energies, vortexes and portals, crystals, sound healing, channeling, and metaphysical modalities that can manifest your desires into your physical reality.

  • You want to learn to create ceremonies and rituals, so you can commune with higher realms of spiritual support and wisdom.

Temple Loam as spiritual playground for the curious soul


Retreats can be curated to create a unique experience for your group. 


Personal Intensives 

Private, personal transformation sessions and weekend intensives can be designed for those looking for a more personal, curated experience.


Guided Tours

Guided tours can be designed for those looking to create an individual or group experience. 


Seasonal Celebrations

Seasonal celebrations are for those who want to celebrate seasonal holidays like the solstice, equinox, and other cross-quarter events. 



Click the link below to book a discovery call.


Hello, wonderful soul. I'm Lorie


 I'm honored to be a facilitator & guide here in Mount Shasta. The name Temple Loam™️ revealed itself to me in meditation and signifies my mission: nurturing cosmic connections and communication with nature and guiding people on their spiritual journey.

"Loam" in the gardening world means optimum soil quality.

...It symbolizes the fertile, transformational soil of Mother Earth, our Gaia Temple, and embodies her profound wisdom and healing power.  

The wonderful things clients are saying about their experiences...


Temple Loam™ is a safe and welcoming space where you can connect with like-minded individuals on your journey. Join us to explore the secrets of this mystical destination. 


Book your retreat or tour with Temple Loam™ today! 



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