SOLSTICE GUIDEBOOK to get wisdom practices, rituals, and ceremonies you can use to harness the magic of the Summer & Winter Solstice. 


Discover and align with your true essence and honor your connection to the natural world by harnessing the magic of Summer & Winter Solstice. Solstice celebrations are a way to celebrate and feel connected to the change of seasons. When you connect with the spirits of nature, you attune yourself to your soul's guidance and your innate gifts. You call in your ideal reality. That's the power of honoring and deeply connecting to the earth and her rhythms.

So...if you've been looking for more ways to connect with nature, then then this guidebook's for you! 


In this Free Solstice Guidebook, you're getting...


Simple Wisdom Practices to make your celebrations extra special

Over 20 celebration ideas for both Summer and Winter Solstice

Checklists for Summer and Winter Solstice celebrations to help you stay organized

And, much more...

Throughout your spiritual journey, you might have felt lost, or disconnected. Honoring the seasons and connecting with the power of the sun can help you understand the deep, ancient connection you have with the planet and the cosmos. When you learn how to work with the sun and the seasons, it can transform your life.  

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 Soniyah Singh

"I'm a huge fan of Lorie Solay, because she introduced me to the divine light that was always waiting to be lit within me. One of my favorite offerings she does is her annual guided retreat in Mount Shasta. Going to Lorie's retreats has been one of the biggest heart-openings of my life! The tools and gifts I've received from Lorie have been immeasurable and endless."


Ale Falchi

"I came to Lorie's spiritual retreat reeling from toxicity, fatigue, and defeat. I left feeling like I was not only myself again, but a much more powerful version of myself. Lorie is the ultimate guide. She takes your hand gently but firmly, to a place of whimsical magic and sacred ritual. I will always be grateful to Lorie for opening the doorway to my own intuition, a gift that has blessed my life in innumerable ways."

Seema A.

Lorie is a wonderful coach and mentor. I attended a magical retreat with her that changed my life for the better. I also had several coaching 1:1 sessions. She has helped me navigate my emotions in a healthy way and gave me the tools I needed to be my best self. Lorie is gifted with incredible intuition. Most of all, she always advises you to listen to your own inner compass-- even if it contradicts her! Personally, I shy away from people who have the "my way or the highway outlook" as that has never resonated with me. Lorie is open minded, embraces shifts and guides you to your path. You will be very happy working with Lorie!

“Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.” — Henry David Thoreau 

Grab Your FREE Solstice Guidebook HERE