How To Deal With Exhaustion As A Busy, High-Achieving Mid-Life Mom

How To Deal With Exhaustion As A Busy, High-Achieving Mid-Life Mom


...Why High-Achieving Moms Feel Exhausted: Understanding Energy Drain


Busy, high-achieving moms often face a unique set of challenges that can lead to a constant state of exhaustion. Balancing career, family, and personal aspirations requires immense energy, and understanding the root causes of this energy drain is crucial for finding solutions.


Root Cause #1: Overcommitting

Busy, high-achieving moms tend to overcommit, even though they have zero time left in their busy day. They say yes to most requests and responsibilities. Recovering people please here, so I really get it. 

...This leads to a packed schedule with little to no downtime for energy replenishment or self-care. The pressure to excel in all areas can leave them feeling stretched thin, resentful, and chronically exhausted. 

Root Cause #2: Chronic Self-Neglect

Putting others first is a common trait among busy, high-achieving moms. While nurturing and caring for others, they often neglect their own needs. This lack of self-care can result in physical and emotional burnout, as they don't take the necessary time to recharge and refuel. This is a recipe for a health crisis. 

Root Cause #3: Perfectionism

The drive for perfection can be incredibly draining. Busy, high-achieving moms often set unrealistically high standards for themselves in their roles as professionals, parents, and partners. The constant striving to meet these standards can lead to stress and a feeling of inadequacy, further depleting their energy.

Root Cause #4: Invisible Labor

The unseen emotional labor that busy, high-achieving moms perform—managing the household, organizing family activities, and being the emotional support for everyone—can be incredibly taxing. This constant mental load can lead to a significant energy drain, as they juggle multiple roles and responsibilities.

Root Cause #5: Lack of Boundaries

Without clear boundaries, busy, high-achieving moms can find themselves constantly working or thinking about work, even during supposed downtime. This blurring of lines between personal and professional life can prevent them from fully relaxing and recharging, leading to chronic exhaustion.

Finding Harmony (Not Necessarily Balance)

To fix the energy drain, it's essential for busy, high-achieving moms to give themselves permission to prioritize their self-care, set realistic expectations, and establish clear boundaries. Learning to delegate and say no can also help in creating a more harmonious and sustainable lifestyle. Recognizing and addressing these energy-draining factors can lead to a more fulfilled and energized life.

...It's not your fault, dear momma. It's the unspoken expectations that are outdated and need changing. Awareness is the precursor to change, my friend. 

By understanding these common pitfalls and taking proactive steps, busy, high-achieving moms can reclaim their energy and find vitality for both their personally and professional life.


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