7 Special Celebration & Ritual Ideas For Fall Equinox - GREAT FOR BEGINNERS

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Rituals For Autumn Equinox

"Autumn winds begin to blow colored leaves fall fast and slow, whirling twirling all around, till at last they touch the ground, it's that time again for fall." A little ode to the Fall Equinox, which is officially the first day of Fall. For 2022 it's happening on September 22nd at exactly 6:03 pm PST.

I wanted to give you some rituals, seven in fact, to really celebrate the changing of seasons, it's a very special time of year. 

On the Equinox, the sun is basically right at the equator. And as we're rotating around the sun, the Equinox is when we’re in balance between night and day. After the Equinox, we then begin losing light and moving towards Winter, closer and closer to the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice, in the northern hemisphere, means we’re furthest away from the Sun. Winter Solstice signifies the first day of Winter and is the darkest day.  

...So equal night and day means the day’s energy represents balance. Here's 7 special celebration and ritual ideas to make the day extra special.

...I'm recapping from my Youtube video. Get more details to my 7 tips by watching HERE

1. The very first one is to give thanks and recap on what you've sown. 

2. Balance your environment, your outer and your inner environment.

3. Create a personal altar.

4. Get crafty with nature's beauty. (Get some ideas by watching you video HERE)

5. Get outside and witness nature.

6. Organize and food drive, or donation drive. 

7. Celebrate with you community.

...So there you go, my friend. 7 Special Celebration & Ritual Ideas For Fall Equinox, that are great for beginners to really enjoy the special energy of the Equinox. Remember, you can get more detailed info and suggestions for each tip by watching my video HERE. 

Happy Fall,

Your Self-Care Coach,


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