Integrative Breathwork Facilitation

for Individuals or Groups



Discover Inner Peace: Gentle Yin-Style Integrative Breathwork Facilitation

Lorie Solay, is a Certified Integration Breathwork Facilitator, based in Mount Shasta, CA.


Integrations Breathwork is a beautiful healing practice that blends the transformative power of Transformational Breathwork ‚ÄĒ a gentle, three-part circular breathing technique ‚ÄĒ with modalities like Reiki, Life Coaching, Neo-Shamanic Tools, and Sound Healing.

This soothing yin-style breathwork gently relaxes the body, helping to release deep-seated emotional blocks, unresolved traumas, and limiting beliefs without overwhelming your senses.

By focusing on subtle energies instead of intense cathartic releases, you're provided a safe, trauma-informed space for deep inner healing.

This practice connects your subconscious and conscious mind, creating a powerful somatic experience that promotes immediate transformation and lasting changes that seamlessly integrate into your daily life.

Sessions emphasize actionable, integrative tools and techniques to ensure sustainable results. 

...Activate your highest potential, revitalize your energy, and achieve lasting transformation through breathwork. 

About Breathwork?


Breathwork opens the energy channels and allows what you’ve been holding onto to surface and be released.

Things like...

  • Suppressed emotions
  • Tension
  • Unresolved traumas
  • Energetic blocks in the body
  • Old beliefs
  • Negative thoughts
  • And/or fight/fight/freeze patterns.¬†

Breathwork sessions offer you the opportunity to surrender and experience the power of your own inner healing energy, vital life force, and Higher Self wisdom. 

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